Golden Oldies Rugby

Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival • Cardiff 2016 I World Vintage Rugby Carnival • Queenstown 2015 

World Schools Rugby Challenge • Canberra 2016 I Golden Oldies Trans Tasman Festival • Hunter Valley 2016


For Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals managed by Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd (VSL) the following shall apply for teams wishing to include female player.

1.    Teams will be limited to 3 female players on the field at any one time during a game. Teams can have more than 3 women on their roster but no more than 3 on the field.
2.    Women members of teams will be required to have the same age qualifications as men team members.
3.    Women members of teams will be required to be registered as team members as required by the organisers.
4.    Women members of teams will have the same responsibilities as to their insurance and will be required to sign the usual team waivers.
5.    There is no formal mixed grade and the participation of women under these regulations is totally at the option of the teams concerned. The inclusion of women creates no liability on the organisers, their stakeholders or associates.
6.    Teams will be required to advise that their team will include women players at the point of entry or as soon after as possible. The organisers must be aware of the women inclusions in a team at the time a draw is completed and only those women registered at that time will be allowed to take part in games.
7.    Men only teams playing teams including women are not required to adjust their play and the rules and regulations of Golden Oldies Rugby will apply as usual.
8.    No team is under any obligation to field women players if they are drawn to play teams including women.