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Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival Argentina - Details

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The 20th Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival!

September 21 - 28, 2014

La Fiesta del rugby le puso color a Mar del Plata

Festival of rugby brings colour to Mar del Plata


Not just our opinion but also that of La Capital, Mar del Plata’s daily newspaper who ran it on their front page and the centre spread.

It was indicative of the welcome afforded visitors during a fantastic week of Golden Oldies Rugby that began with a vibrant opening ceremony. The Parade of Nations followed warm welcomes from Mar del Plata Mayor, Gustavo Pulti, Guri Minguez (Local Committee Chairman) and the Festival oath.

The Parade of Nations made it’s way along the seafront
behind the marching girls and band down the main boulevard, that was closed to traffic, to the Welcome Party in the Gran Provincial Hotel.

The three huge reception rooms teemed with food, wine and beer. The sight of old friends greeting each other again and new friendships beginning set the tone for the week.

The event, which hosted 132 teams from 17 countries, was not without its difficulties with the transport arrangements from and to Buenos Aires falling well below the required standard for a Golden Oldies Festival. To those teams who were inconvenienced we apologise and you have our guarantee that these problems will not arise in Cardiff.

Happily the good news far outweighed the bad news and the week of rugby and festivities was all about FUN, FRIENDSHIP and FRATERNITY.

During the week several visiting teams took the opportunity to socialise at great length with the extremely hospitable Argentine teams. They play their rugby hard in Argentina and they socialise with equal enthusiasm. The majority of the Argentinian participants had never played Golden Oldies before and they took to it with incredible and infectious enthusiasm. So much so that several teams have confirmed their intention to be in Cardiff in 2016.

The brilliant sunshine we had for all three playing days deserted us for the Tuesday Big Day Out which was postponed until the Thursday. Despite the weather being slightly overcast and the grounds a bit damp everybody had a great time at Estancia Santa Isabel. To say there was plenty of food and wine for everyone is a huge understatement.

The brilliant week in Mar del Plata culminated in a party atmosphere at the Finale Dinner complete with eating, more drinking, dancing and the traditional swapping of team memorabilia. See all the photos from the week here.

To date 42 teams have entered and paid their entry fee for Cardiff 2016 when we’ll reconvene to do it all again in a rugby super city!

See you in Cardiff!


The Host City - Mar Del Plata

View the Mar Del Plata Tourism Video here

The City of Mar del Plata is known as "the Happy City". In the summer, it welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world, combining the beauty and charm of its natural resources with the infrastructure, service and the hospitality of its people making your stay in Mar del Plata a wonderful cultural experience.

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, it is the most beautiful and important seaside tourist centre in the Republic of Argentina.

Mar del Plata has temperate climate with masses of warm and humid subtropical sea air and an average temperature of over 22º C. Beside the Atlantic Ocean, Mar del Plata has cliffs, sand hills and vast sandy beaches ideal to enjoy summer walks, cycling or riding. Nautical activities such as surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, SCUBA diving, motor boating, sailing and swimming stand out Also one of the sports chosen by visitors to "the Pearl of the Atlantic" is sport fishing, and can be done both from the city piers or on boats leaving from its famous port. At that location, visitors may watch sea lions and the routine of seamen that return with their catches everyday or taste all kinds of seafood and fish in the dozens of restaurants located in the area.

Mar del Plata has everything. Its cultural life is reminiscent of the City of Buenos Aires. The most outstanding attractions include Colón Square, Torreón del Monje, Los Troncos Neighbourhood, the port and Punta Mogotes. At night, its pubs, discos, and the famous Casino of Mar del Plata are ready to welcome the most demanding customers. The theatres in the city get crowded as the most outstanding plays are presented each season. The surroundings are also beautiful. Visitors may access places such as Sierra de los Padres Lagoon, the beaches of nearby Chapadmalal or the hilly City of Balcarce.

Mar del Plata is the perfect combination for those who seek quietness and relax as well as the possibility of finding the constant hustle and bustle in each corner of town.